Hello, Warwick Afficiando

We like Warwicks, too. I have played Warwick basses since my first Warwick, a new 1990 Thumb 6 NT.  It was my main bass for 8 years.  During that time, I met many people in the World of Warwick, and developed a Custom Shop relationship with the US Warwick distributorship. Since 2009, you, our customers, have bought over 140 Warwick Masterbuilt Custom Shop instruments, which we have shipped to bassists in Brazil, Singapore, The Philippines, Israel, Canada, and the US where we are based in Dallas, TX.  I have helped people with parts and supplies, with Rockbass and German Pro Series instruments, as well as with general Warwick information.  Not to mention that we do have available a selection of Masterbuilt Custom Shop instruments in hand and ready to ship.  So, please look around and give me a try.

Mark Wilson
214 - 460 - 7443
mark @ warwickdepot.com

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